Brand Mapping Questionnaire


Please do your best to complete this form in its fullest. The more detailed information you provide the better our research and results will be.


Brand Mapping Questionnaire

  • About You

    In this section, you will be letting us know about some of the personality of your brand. As you are answering these questions think about the impression you would like to leave with your client base. You will need to think about how other perceive you and not just how you think they perceive you.

  • About Your Brand Peers

    It’s important to know what your prospects and customers will be exposed to in search results. Understanding your brand Peers is invaluable. By doing so you will see what is working for them and will be able to tap into that for inspiration. You will also start to see where you can fill in the gaps of services. This will help you differentiate your brand in all the right ways.

  • About Your Brand Look and Feel

    The following questions are to help you think about your brand from a visual standpoint. It can feel like a huge task putting all of context to your brand personality into a visual representation. Don’t worry, these next questions are going to help us break that process down into something manageable.

  • About Your Customers/Clients

    Knowing what makes your customers/clients tick is second to “know they self” when it comes to building a brand that will stand the test of time. This is important because knowing what makes your clients take action is important to knowing what type of brand they will be looking for. Think about how much faster you can win them over if you show up where they are hanging out, celebrate your similarities, empathize with their struggles, and sell in a way they respect. The more you know the easier of a time you will have to WOO and WOW them!

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